about trading academy

Trading Academy is a fully featured TCG focusing on manga and video game artwork, plus artists and artbooks.

In other words, it's a Japanese media illustration TCG. :)

I'm your host, Rahenna, and Academy was my very first TCG, started way back in 2005. It was kind of crazypants and ended up having over 10,000 cards by the time it closed in 2009. I've toyed with the idea of bringing it back several times, but since then I got super involved in running Sailor Moon TCGs and I never got serious about bringing back Academy.

I love illustration TCGs and I've been a member of many games, so I thought it would be the perfect topic for the revived Academy!

general tcg topics

Details about all the usual TCG stuff. :3

link description
Card Types learn about the different card types & worth
Currency find out about coupons & fame
Levels level up requirements & rewards
Star Ranks time perks are way better than prejoin perks!
Deck Mastery deck mastery info & rewards
Play Happy! read about this TCG's anti-frustration features!

special tcg systems

Right now, Trading Academy has two bonus/customized systems that allow players to collect extra images of their choosing, plus add abilities of their choice to make play more strategic!

Autograph Books take the place of the usual stamp cards. Instead of filling up a card according to how many cards you trade, you fill an autograph book with the names of other players! And in addition to regular card rewards, you also get a custom card for each autograph book you finish!
Read more about it HERE on the forum.

Patrons are characters you choose as your sponsors on your art journey! Attract them with the fame you earn by completing special tasks around the academy! You'll get a custom badge for each one, AND they come with special abilities that give you advantages in the TCG. Choose from categories like deck release bonuses, game advantages, or shiny prestige items!
Read more about it HERE on the forum.