about cards

All cards at Academy are worth one, including all the custom cards. Keeping it simple. :p

standard cards

These are the cards you will win from games, etc. They are the only types that can be mastered.

sample description
manga card:
Features color artwork from various manga series. Identified by the green border.
game card:
Features color artwork from video games, including concept art, illustrations, and CGs. Identified by the blue border.
artbook/artist card:
Features artwork by various artists and from artbooks. Art for specific series will be made into manga or game cards instead (if there are enough images available). Identified by the purple border.

Please note that cards may feature romantic content such as hugs/kisses, or non-sexual partial nudity. The images are so small that it's all probably work-safe, but please take care if your workplace is especially conservative, or if you're in a public place like a library.

Don't see anything you like? If you donate it, I will make anything you want, as long as it fits the TCG theme!

custom cards

These are customized cards that can be earned from special games, plus member cards.

sample description
member cards:
Custom cards made when a member joins! Also used to represent them on the member list. Can only be traded for other member cards.
patron cards:
Custom cards made when a member spends Fame to attract a patron. They are marked with the member/patron name, Fame value, and a brief description of the patron's ability. Cannot be traded.
autograph book cards:
Custom cards made for members who complete autograph books. Features the member's name and the autograph book number. Cannot be traded.

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