There are only two types of currency here at the Academy: coupons and fame points. Read on, young grasshopper!


Haha, just kidding, this is about coupon. Only one!

The only coupon here at Academy is good for one choice card. They will be relatively hard to find, so be sure to gather as many as you can! Use them at the coupon exchange to get your choice cards.


Now, fame is something special here at the Academy. As a budding art student, you can earn fame through your accomplishments, and use that fame to attract the attention of patrons. You can read all the details about patrons on the forum, but here are the main points:

~ Patrons can be "attracted" by your fame. (Well, okay, you buy them with fame points...)
~ You choose the character who appears on your patron cards!
~ Patron cards give you special abilities/priviliges around the site.
~ You get to choose the abilites you want to suit your own play style!

sample patron card and fame pixel:

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