anti-frustration features

There are some things about TCGs that just annoy me to death, so I've tried my best to eliminate them or make the offending items a bit easier to deal with at Trading Academy.

i'm friendly!

Seriously! Some TCG owners seem pretty uptight. Not me! I'm easy to approach, so if you have a question, a suggestion, or notice a problem, don't hesitate to talk to me! The best way will be to send a forum PM (I check regularly) but I check the update comments on a regular basis too. If something is time-sensitive, though, I strongly recommend a forum PM. :3

I like being generous, working with staff, chatting on the forums, and generally being very present at my TCGs.

Like everyone, I'm human and have off days or make mistakes sometimes. Please forgive me if I ever seem grumpy! Tell me I'm being a punk and to knock it off. Sometimes I need a reminder that error reports are not personal insults. :p

timely updates

I'm a serious TCG owner who posts updates and has games ready on time consistently every week. What's more annoying than checking a TCG on update day and finding nothing? Coming back two days later and still nothing, that's what! I won't do that.

Forum games and rewards will be handled in a timely manner as well.

no prejoin!

How is that a plus? Because prejoin is something you can miss out on permanently, and that's no fun. Instead, Trading Academy has Star Ranks, where you gain small perks based on how long you've been a member of the game.

In other words, you're rewarded for HOW LONG you play, not WHEN you joined. And that's more fair, isn't it?

PS: In the same vein, there's also no "first mastery" here.

Okay, there WAS a bit of a "prejoin" but all that allowed was early deck donations, and anyone who joined early starts at Star Rank 2. But that's only fair since they DID join about two months before the official opening!

deck donations

I promise to make and release deck donations as quickly as possible, even if that means that some updates have a ton of decks, and some have none. There's nothing more annoying than donating a set and waiting weeks or even months for it to be released! I hate when that happens to me, so I promise not to do it to you!

customs aren't exclusive

This TCG offers several "custom" items - the autograph cards (earned by trading) and patrons (earned by spending Fame). Every member can use the characters and images they like on these custom items, even if someone else has already used the same exact thing. This removes the need to be first to grab a well-loved character or a specific image.

This is YOUR custom stuff, after all. You get it just the way you want it!

fairness in games

All games feature characters, scenery, music, etc, from series that are already featured in current decks. I personally think it's rude and unfair to ask about trivia from a series that's not even part of the TCG in any way!

general game hints

All of the "knowledge" type games include some sort of hint or clue to make them easier. This way, you can participate and earn a lot of cards even if you're not familiar with every series that's used in the games.

Miscellaneous games like "warped" and "lost brush" will also include hints. Warped can get ridiculously hard in a game with a lot of cards (and since Academy had 180+ decks even before opening, well...!), and lost item games are super hard on big sites.

In addition, the pixel for the "lost brush" game is NEVER hidden on a card page. Because that's just wrong, man.


Ah, the dreaded slots game. No worries! You will be rewarded for matching either two or three items. It's your choice if you want to continue after getting the small match!

There's also a simple Javascript popup that will alert you when it's time to stop refreshing. You can't miss out on your rewards no matter how fast you're reloading!

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