card fixes!

In a game with as many cards as Trading Academy, there's bound to be errors that need to be fixed. All the updated and fixed cards will be noted here. Please replace/update your cards as noted below.

These are not freebies, but please replace/remove any "error" cards you have.

deck updates/removals

February 12, 2016
~ The Captive Hearts deck has been removed from the game! It has been replaced with Captive and Insignia. If you have any Captive Hearts cards, please replace them with cards of your choice from one/both of these decks. If you've already mastered Captive Hearts, please replace the mastery with one of your choice from Captive or Insignia, but DO NOT claim additional mastery rewards.

August 27, 2015
~ The Witches deck has completely remade with the official mangaka's art. Replace ALL cards.
~ Green Glass 1 & 2 have been completely removed. Please replace from the randomizer, or alternately, with Nostalgia and Umbrella cards of your choice (same artist, non-doujin works). If you have already mastered either or both of the Green Glass decks, please replace them with a mastered deck of your choice.

Yes, you can instantly master a deck as the replacement for each Green Glass deck that is already mastered, but DO NOT take any mastery rewards! This deck can be one that you don't have any cards from, or one that you are currently collecting, but you cannot take "extra" cards if you choose to master a deck that you have, say, 20 cards from already. You just get to insta-master one deck in exchange for each Green Glass deck you mastered. The number of cards you get doesn't matter.

June 4, 2015
The Green Notes deck has been replaced by Void 1/2. Please replace any Green Notes cards with Void 1/2 cards of your choice!
(Old deck was made from artbook scans; new decks are game CGs.)

June 4, 2015
Remove all Gamers cards and replace from the randomizer.
(Deck had lots of issues and needs to be remade.)

single card fixes

February 1, 2016
Updated millennium23 (replaced anime image):

January 11, 2016
Updated azel16, carnelian202, nostalgia02, rebellion23 (duplicate/error images):

November 19, 2015
Updated magicviolin23 and pose222 (duplicate images):

November 13, 2015
Updated ikuramoto08 (replaced doujin image) and gaisokyu214 (duplicate image):

November 12, 2015
Updated pose218 to pose222 (images were by the same artist, but for another series):

November 3, 2015
Updated oddsandends106 and oddsandends124 (images were by the same artist, but for another series):

October 29, 2015
Updated oddsandends201 and oddsandends202 (images were by the same artist, but for another series):

June 13, 2015
Updated blackmail09 and blackmail23 (09 was too risque so I zoomed in a bit; 23 was from the PS2 version):

June 8, 2015
Updated spring18 (duplicate image) & bladechildren06 (old card had a weird line on it):

June 4, 2015
Updated esteria22 with art from Ys I&II (old card was YsV):

May 6, 2015
Updated rebellion18 (duplicate image):

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