about levels

As you collect more cards, your level in the TCG will increase. Here's the requirements for each level.

level cards level cards
Freshman 0-200 Bachelor 1601-2000
Sophomore 201-500 Master 2001-2500
Junior 501-800 Doctor 2501-3000
Senior 801-1200 Professor 3001-3500
Graduate 1201-1600 ...and beyond every 500 cards

It sounds like a lot, but remember, EVERY card type in this game is worth one. And my TCGs tend to stick around a long time, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to gather up cards!

rewards, etc

When you collect enough cards to level up, use the level up form to let me know!

You'll also be rewarded with:
~ 4 choice cards
~ 6 random cards
~ 3 Fame

Oh, and you might want to use a level badge on your trade post to represent your current level. Head over there to grab a new one after you level up. Here's an example. :D

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