star ranks

Instead of the usual prejoin vs normal/regular member system that you often see at TCGs, I've decided to do something different. There have been times where I've come across an interesting TCG just after prejoin has ended, and that influences my decision to join. As a TCG owner, I don't want there to be any reasons NOT to join up, so instead...

be rewarded for sticking around!

Members rise in rank just by participating in the TCG. Your rank will increase over time, allowing access to various bonuses.

I'm still working out the details, but one place that will definitely be affected is the updates. Members of higher rank will be allowed to take more freebies, etc. There will also be a small Fame stipend for all ranks that can be taken once per month. Naturally, the amount is higher for higher-ranked members.

Now, I imagine that you might be thinking, Rahenna, why give bonuses to members who've been around forever? They already have tons of cards and stuff! Well, yes, that's true, but I think it's important to give some extras to the longtime members who have been loyal players of the TCG. And I definitely do NOT want to have a standard prejoin that can be permanently missed. Everyone has a chance to reach the highest rank, and all you have to do is be a member.

the ranks

Every member has a star beside their name on the member list. The star is shorthand for how long that person's been a member at Trading Academy.

Members who joined before April 30, 2015 started at the budding talent rank. That was Academy's "prejoin" perk.

star rank time
new artist 60 days or less
budding talent 61-120 days
local legend 121-200 days
national treasure 201-300 days
world famous 301-400 days
master artist 401+ days

The stars will update automatically on the member list as time passes. You do not have to keep track of time yourself, or submit any forms in order to have your stars updated. Just use the member list as a reference to check your rank if you're not sure. :3

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