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If you need to get things done, this is the place for you!

Please read all of the form instructions carefully before using them. A number of the forms are automated, but you must enter things like choice cards carefully to make sure you get your goodies!

Links marked with a * will take you to the forum.


DO NOT RELOAD the level up and master forms to get different cards. I get an email every time the page is reloaded. If something LEGIT happens like your connection stops working or the site freezes up, that's fine - add a comment somewhere on your form so I know that there was a reason for your duplicate submission.

Form Description
Level Up If you're ready to level up, claim your prize here.
Level Badges You might need a new one after your level up. :p
Mastery If you've completed a set, get mastery rewards here.
Coupon Exchange Got coupons? Get cards!
* Patron Registration Use your fame to attract a new patron!
* Autograph Books Redeem your completed autograph books!
Doubles Exchange Get rid of those annoying duplicate cards here.
Contact Use if you need to change your member info or make a suggestion.