game center

Woohoo, game center! This is where you'll earn the majority of your cards. :3

There are general weekly games and assorted monthly games that don't require specific knowledge of any series or artist. Then there are two biweekly game sets that require a bit of knowledge or Google-fu. And then there are some forum activities. Hopefully there is something for everyone!

helpful hints!
~ Every series used in the games has a released/active card deck here. Use the series title as shown on the deck list.
~ You can use spaces, capital letters, etc in your answers! The answers Usagi, uSaGi, u s a g i, u.s;Agi! are all equal and valid!
~ All character name answers are first name only.
~ All real person's names (artists, seiyuu) are entered with the last/family name first.


Game Description
Recycle Bin what's in here this week...?
Lottery choose your lucky numbers
Pick(pocket) a Hero be a treasure hunter :p
War a simple game of chance :3
Slots match two or three to win!
Freebies everyone's favorite!


monthly (february)

Game Description
Puzzle Series assemble 'em all!
Fallen Phrases decode the quote
Wishing Well what do you wish for?
Mini Mastery a twist on the usual game forum
Group Collect assemble a themed deck forum
Card Swap swap cards for something new forum

biweekly set 1 (february 12)

Game Description
Puzzle fix this picture fast!
Trivia how well do you know the facts?
You're So Vain whose vanity plate is this?
Re-cover ugh, this manga is ruined!
Relationships how are these characters related?
Who Drew? name that artist!
Warped which card got mangled?

biweekly set 2 (february 19)

Game Description
Novel-ty Game name that visual novel!
Game World which game are we lost in this time?
Soundtrack hey, I know this song!
Police Report who beat up the final boss?
Lost Brush please recover the lost paintbrush!
No Template? hey, this card isn't finished...

forum activities (ongoing)

Game Description
Donate claim & donate new decks!
Autograph Books get rewarded for trading
Patron Registration attract patrons with your fame!
Art Challenge collect a random set & get fame!
Odd Jobs help out around the site!

use your abilities

If you have the additional weekly freebies patron ability, enter the password here to receive your weekly bonus.