halloween event: candy hunt!

Ahhhh, it's finally Halloween! You know what that means? HALLOWEEN TREATS! Caramel apples, candy corn, marshmallow ghosts, pumpkin pie, warm muffins--

--jfc you promised not to do this again--

--and allllll the candy you get from trick or treating, like chocolate bars and caramels and lollipops and gum and those cute little pumpkins that taste like candy corn--


Ahem. Well, I hired Yuki to set up the Halloween event, but as usual, he can't get his mind off the snacks! Maybe I shouldn't use candies or whatever as event items. Oh well, too late now!

game summary!
~ This is a hidden items game. Find the missing candy around the TCG!
~ There are NINE pieces of candy to find.
~ Candy will be posted for two weeks.
~ This time, candy does NOT expire, so you can take your time finding them!
~ When you find candy, click it for a mini prize and a piece of a bonus password!
~ There are THREE bonus passwords, one for each group of students as outlined below. :3

the groups!

There's nine students hiding candy around the TCG! Each has a small prize, and part of a bonus password that you can use to get more goodies. The students are organized into three groups, so you'll have to find all three in a group to get a valid password.

The tables below show who has each candy, and there's some hints about where to look, too!

Student Council

We hid our candy in manga decks!


Hmmm, it's no fun if it's too easy.
Our candy could be anywhere. And we mean anywhere...


Our candy is in game or artist decks!

bonus password entry!

You're not getting in without the password!

Hint: The passwords have multiple words. Enter the words in order with no spaces.
For example, if the words are candy, corn, yum, enter candycornyum as the password!