winter holiday event: cursed cards!

Oh no! Some of the cards at the Academy have been cursed, and they got all dirty! THIS SOUNDS LIKE A JOB FOR THE STUDENT COUNCIL!

...How did you get from 'cursed cards' to 'student council' all of a sudden?

W, Well! It's the student council's job to take care of things around the school, right? So... I'll clean the cursed cards! I bet I can even figure out who can help us get them completely back to normal! But, er, maybe we could use some help from the students... haha.

Well, this time someone (possibly some naughty students) messed up a bunch of the cards here at the Academy. It seems like there's a hero who could help us purify them, but... of course the hint about who it is got messed up too!

game summary!
~ This is a "messed up cards" game. Search the card pages for cards that have been mysteriously turned black and white!
~ There's a total of 25 cursed cards.
~ This event will last four weeks.
~ All 25 cards will be available the entire time.
~ When you find a card, note the deck and number, then come back to this page to enter it into the answer box below.
~ You'll get a reward for each card, plus a small part of a mystery clue. Solve the mystery clue to get the grand prize!

additional details!

Here's the full explanation. :3

25 cards, each from a different deck, have been turned to greyscale for this event. Your job is to hunt them down and enter the card names into the password box below. The 25 cards will remain "cursed" until the end of the event, so you don't have to worry about finding them at different times. Take your time searching, none of them will disappear on you! :3

You can "fix" the cards by giving them to Yuki - aka entering their names into the password box. (The cards won't actually be fixed until the event is over, though. :p)


normal & cursed

When you give cards to Yuki, he's somehow able to figure out part of the clue that will help you find the hero who can permanently fix the cards! But he can only get three letters at a time. Every time you give him a card, he'll give you a "tile" with three letters.

Collect tiles and put them in order to figure out the clue, then solve the riddle! The letters on each tile are in order, but you'll have to "unscramble" the tiles to read the clue! (Don't worry, it's super-easy trivia that is only a Google search away if you don't know it!)

Tiles are three letters, but it's possible for those "letters" to be spaces or punctuation. Here's an example.

Example tiles:

Of course, it's possible to figure out the sentence and solve the riddle without finding all 25 cards, so it's up to you how many you want to find!

I can clean it!

Did you find a card for me to clean? :D

Hint: Enter the card's normal filename, minus the PNG extension (ex: ab01). Enter the master password in all lowercase.