recycle bin

Ichiya is so rich, he just throws away all of the cards he doesn't want anymore! Fortunately, Yoshioka makes sure they end up in the recycling so they don't go to waste.

The recycling center is near the Academy campus, so students can grab up to three cards per week on the way to class! You don't even have to leave any behind! But if you do, those cards will go into the bin as well so other students can take them. It's up to you. :D

eTCG freebies, basicially... you can trade cards in if you want, but you don't HAVE to. I'm using this to get rid of my doubles and to redistribute cards from members who quit.

what's in the recycle bin today?

want some cards?

If you want something from the recycle bin, here's how to get it!
Please be sure to follow the rules or Rahenna will kill you. 8D

- Please select "** RECYCLE BIN" as the TCG you are trading with!
- You can take up to three cards per week.
- You DO NOT need to offer anything in return! Just enter XXX in the "you give" portion of the form.
- If you WANT to give cards in exchange, they will be added to the recycle bin for other members to grab!
- Please wait until you get an email confirmation before taking your cards.

You want
You give