wishing well

Jirachi loves granting wishes! The local wishing well is Jirachi's home, and it's said that if you make a wish there, it's sure to come true.

You can wish for something for yourself only, or for everyone in the TCG to get something. Note that Jirachi is more likely to grant wishes that are beneficial to everyone, not just one or two people. :p

Examples of things you can wish for:
~ cards or coupons (not too many, though... Jirachi doesn't like greedy wishes!)
~ a present for a friend :)
~ a new TCG game (let Jirachi know what you have in mind, hint hint!)
~ a special event at the TCG
~ for a specific card set from the upcoming list to be released

Of course, you're not limited by these ideas. Please keep your wishes reasonable, though... Jirachi is powerful, but it can't do everything. (Well, okay, it can... but Rahenna can't. :p) Wishes will be granted in every update, so keep your eyes open!

One thing Jirachi can't do is make a specific card set for you. Since Academy is powered by member donations, if you want something, please consider donating the series you love! However, if the deck is already on the upcoming list and has been donated (not just claimed), Jirachi can poke Rahenna into releasing it faster. :D

make a wish!

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Wishes for more than two choice cards will be discarded without notice. Jirachi gets a lot of wishes and I'd like to answer them all in a timely manner, but I am not going to flood every update with tons of choice cards. Please try to be creative with your wishes. Thanks! :3

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