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bye for now!

26 Feb 2016
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I think it's become a little obvious that I'm ready to move on from Trading Academy. :)

A large, multi-series TCG is difficult for me to manage because of my limited knowledge. As the card list grows, the percentage of things I feel confident to include in games keeps shrinking. I'd rather not go to all automated games, or games that don't require any knowledge of any series, so I think it's time.

I doubt I'll be staying away from the TCG community for long, and I suspect you'll find me either at Elements or Moonlight Legend soon enough. :3


what happens now?
Final shutdown is March 31. I will continue to respond to requests for custom cards/badges until then, but I will be slow to complete requests. As long as you post before the forum date rolls over to April, I will fill your requests!

other info:
- Starting now, I will not be adding new members.
- Donations are closed.
- Forum games, including mini mastery, will not be updated for March.
- Current forum games end at the end of February, as usual.
- Feel free to play any site-based games that are still functioning.
- The winter event will remain active until March 31.
- All forms, etc, will be taken offline on March 31.
- The actual site will remain online indefinitely.


adopting out?
I will consider adopting the TCG out to one or more current, active members. I strongly prefer working with someone who has TCG experience, especially as an owner. Please PM me if interested.

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