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lots of cards!

19 Nov 2015
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Okay, here's the update! Kind of quick for now... I'll be replying to forum stuff later on today. Gotta get my Nano wordcount in first. :3

wishes granted!
I still have a lot so Jirachi was generous again!

- Ajisaitea: I wish for a choice #11 card for the month of November.
- Eon: I wish for two fame for everyone~
- Hotaru: Hotaru: I'm going to study abroad in Sweden for a semester, so I'd like everyone to take a blue card and a yellow card (colors of the Swedish flag).
- Renako: I wish for two 06 cards to celebrate TA's 6 months of being open!
- Styx: I wish for one of the Pokemon Kanto sets to be released!

So please take 2 Fame, plus two 06 cards, one 11 card, one blue card, and one yellow card! And I've released all four Kanto sets. :D

- Weekly games are updated!
- Biweekly set TWO is updated!
- Jigsaw has been replaced with Novel-ty Game, a trivia game about visual novels. :p
- The first Odd Job is available on the forum!

PS: This Odd Job will be available every month unless I note otherwise, so feel free to contribute again!

card fixes!
Fixed some more duplicates... sorry XD

Another big deck release! Thanks to all the donators and to my card helpers! :D

grey star members: Take FOUR cards.
blue star members: Take FIVE cards.
green star members: Take SIX cards.
pink star members: Take SEVEN cards.

Each card must be from a different deck. If you donated a deck, you may take one extra card from it. Please comment with what you are taking. :3

Make deals for your deck pulls HERE if you like! :D

by Renako @ 19 Nov 2015 07:40 am
Thanks for the update!

New Decks: kanto116, kanto222, kanto313, kanto404, amaterasu05, maigo116, maigo210
Wishes: 2 fame | huke06, eorzea206 | cephiro211 | knightsofiris14, exorcists216 (blue & yellow)
by Renako @ 19 Nov 2015 07:53 am
Whoops, not exorcists216, that one isn't yellow x_x I'm grabbing cephiro118 instead.
by Wing @ 19 Nov 2015 08:42 am
Taking magi211, 2 Fame, darkhour110, magi107, muse06, ephinea06 for the wishes and amaterasu07, maigo121, maigo210, kanto121, kanto222, kanto315, kanto403 from the new decks, thank you!
by Mirai @ 19 Nov 2015 08:54 am
Update freebies: clover06, amaterasu23, repeat101, repeat219, maigo116, maigo212, kanto311
Wish freebies: battledoll06, umbrella06, exorcists111, hitsuzen108, kaoriyuki12, 2 Fame

thank you!
by Woody @ 19 Nov 2015 09:32 am
New Decks: kanto102, kanto113, kanto211, kanto212, kanto304, kanto310, kanto403, kanto423, clover14, amaterasu14

thank you!
will return later for wishes.
by fin @ 19 Nov 2015 04:06 pm
Wish (Ajisaiteaa): fairytales11
Wish (Eon): 2 fame
Wish (Hotaru): johto314, johto225
Wish (Renako): keyblade06, johto106
New Decks: kanto101, maigo210, amaterasu23, repeat25

thank you!
by fin @ 19 Nov 2015 04:11 pm
i meant johto320 not johto314 ><
by Amber @ 19 Nov 2015 04:17 pm
Ajisaitea (#11): blancetnoir11
Eon: + 2 fame
Hotaru (blue and yellow): darkhour123 (blue), mayonaka21 (yellow)
Renako(06 cardsx2): knightsofiris06, nostalgia06

Release Decks: 4 cards (grey star)
kanto104, kanto202, kanto311, kanto403

Thanks for the update!
by Samichan @ 19 Nov 2015 05:16 pm
Deck Release: kanto118, kanto217, kanto316, kanto411, clover03, maigo123, repeat125

Patron Extras: amaterasu17, maigo208

Jirachis Wishes: titans11, 2 fame, spira14, fiore221, dungeon06, witches06
by Eon @ 19 Nov 2015 05:21 pm
released: repeat104, repeat101, repeat204, repeat221, kanto101, kanto102
2 fame
repeat106, repeat206
blue, yellow: repeat207, repeat103

thank you o/
by Kayori @ 19 Nov 2015 08:03 pm
New Decks: amaterasu13, kanto101, kanto201, kanto301, kanto401, repeat101, repeat201

Wishes: Fame (x2)
11: shikonjewel111

Blue: firstlimit08
Yellow: journey102

06: lesson06
06: bellone206
Thank you!
by Woody @ 19 Nov 2015 08:28 pm
Wish (Ajisaitea): kanto111
Wish (Eon): 2 Fame
Wish (Hotaru): shikonjewel124 (blue), battledoll22 (yellow)
Wish (Renako): shikonjewel206, persocom06

thank you!
by Styx @ 19 Nov 2015 08:30 pm
Wishes: truth11, 2 fame, johto124, johto303, truth06, darkhour106
New Release: kanto104, kanto201, kanto401, amaterasu13

by Cami @ 20 Nov 2015 03:12 am
Wish (Ajisaitea): alicegame111
Wish (Eon): 2 fame
Wish (Hotaru): artthieves215, alicegame220
Wish (Renako): darkfate06, moonprincess06

New Decks: kanto105, kanto201, kanto322, kanto409, repeat118, repeat221
by Gosia @ 20 Nov 2015 04:26 am
- Wish (Renako/2x #6): fourgods06, shikonjewel106
- Wish (Hotaru/yellow, blue card): fourgods15, kanto322
- Wish (Eon/2 fame): 2 fame
- Wish (Ajisaitea/#11): shikonjewel111
- New decks: kanto210, kanto105, clover16, amaterasu10

thank you!
by Kristi @ 20 Nov 2015 06:59 pm
Took kanto106, kanto202, kanto324, kanto403 from the new decks.

Wishes: eorzea06, aya06, energynede11, eorzea203, goldenwitch22, Fame x2

Thank you ^.^
by Ajisaitea @ 20 Nov 2015 09:20 pm
- New Decks: kanto101, kanto202, kanto303, kanto415, repeat103, repeat209, amaterasu23
- Art Challenge: revolution204, fairytales07
- Wishes: 11: brs11; 2 fame; Swedish flag: brs03, insummer07; 2x06's: journey106, journey206
by El @ 21 Nov 2015 06:06 am
- New Decks (+donation: Clover): clover20, clover13, amaterasu22, maigo210, kanto218, repeat116
- Wishes (Ajisaitea): psypher11
- Wishes (Eon): 2 Fame
- Wishes (Hotaru): firstlove11(blue), elemental14 (yellow)
- Wishes (Renako): firstlove06, contract06

Thanks! :D
by Misty @ 21 Nov 2015 06:42 pm
Ajisaitea: madoka11
Eon: 2 fame
Hotaru: blue and yellow: justice13, theguardian07
Renako: cosmic06, crisis06
New Decks: kanto201, kanto317, kanto101, kanto415, amaterasu10
by Josie @ 21 Nov 2015 07:10 pm
Thanks for the update! :D


NEW DECKS: kanto105, kanto203, kanto312, kanto406

... dollars11 (#11), dollars06, pharmacy06 (#06), dollars08 (yellow), pharmacy05 (blue) and 2 fame.
by An @ 22 Nov 2015 10:31 am
Hey there everyone~ I just joined today! Not sure if I could, but could I take stuff for this post too even though i joined later than the post date? D:

by todoke @ 22 Nov 2015 05:44 pm
Update (11/19) Ajisaitea: nightmare211
Update (11/19) Eon: +2 fame
Update (11/19) Hotaru: insummer17, fashion17
Update (11/19) Renako: thebelow06, hostclub106
New Decks (11/19): amaterasu03, kanto201, kanto415, maigo104, maigo212, kanto322

Thank you!
by Kaz @ 23 Nov 2015 02:26 am
Thanks for the update!
- New Decks: kanto125, kanto215, kanto325, kanto420, amaterasu20, repeat110, repeat215
- Wishes: (blue) darkhour120, (yellow) highjump125, (06) amefuto206, (06) psypher06, (11) clow111, 2 Fame
by Jannet @ 23 Nov 2015 10:56 am
New Decks: kanto115, clover02, maigo210, repeat113, repeat209, amaterasu23
Wish (Ajisaitea): (11) demonking111
Wish (Eon): 2 Fame
Wish (Hotaru): (blue) hitsuzen101, (yellow) clow116
Wish (Renako): (06) amefuto206, (06) demonking206

Thanks for the update ~
by Akito @ 25 Nov 2015 06:12 pm
Wishes: pose211, pose120, fonons12, ouroboros06, battledoll06
Update: amaterasu03, kanto125, kanto218, kanto315, kanto420, clover03
by Kira @ 25 Nov 2015 11:57 pm
Ajisaitea wish: remnants19
Eon wish: 2 fame
Hotaru wish: hinamizawa03, remnants02
Renako wish: remnants06, spyrix06
by Natsu @ 26 Nov 2015 08:27 am
Wish (Ajisaitea): butler211
Wish (Eon): 2 Fame
Wish (Hotaru): curse205, yumeno202
Wish (Renako): magi106, magicviolin06
New Decks: repeat125, repeat205, kanto217, kanto414

Thanks! c:
by Lex @ 26 Nov 2015 08:58 pm
Wish (Ajisaitea): highjump211
Wish (Eon): 2 fame
Wish (Hotaru): mayonaka21, yumeno123
Wish (Renako): kanto306, kanto406
New Decks: clover05, maigo120, maigo217, repeat208, amaterasu21, kanto104

Thank you!
by Kira @ 27 Nov 2015 02:56 am
Gonna grab kanto101, kanto202, kanto301, kanto401 for the release!
by LiCobra @ 27 Nov 2015 10:24 pm
Hi! I just joined and my cards are up on my post now
by Jun @ 28 Nov 2015 01:28 am
Update: kanto105, kanto207, kanto314, kanto420, maigo123, maigo201, repeat216
Wishes: vongola11, hunterexam15(blue), memories213(yellow), pose206, eorzea106, 2 frames
by Suuhime @ 28 Nov 2015 07:03 am
Wishes: (Ajisaitea) voidgenome11, (Eon) 2 fame, (Hotaru) muse18, happiness06, (Renako) shiru06, girlinthesky06

New decks: clover01, maigo201, repeat101, amaterasu01
by Marge @ 28 Nov 2015 02:09 pm
New Decks:maigo101, maigo109 (donated), maigo201, repeat102, repeat201
Wish (Ajisaiteaa): furies111
Wish (Eon): 2 fame
Wish (Hotaru): brs09, amefuto219
Wish (Renako): furies106, ladybug06
by Marfisa @ 29 Nov 2015 04:34 pm
I took these, thanks!
Wishes: 2 Fame, flourish06, icecold06, alchemist11, bellone208 (blue), flourish09 (yellow)
Updates: kanto101, kanto201, kanto301, kanto401, maigo202, repeat103, repeat204
by melissa @ 05 Dec 2015 11:05 am
Jirachi Nov 19 - Ajisaitea: imanity11
Jirachi Nov 19 - Eon: I wish for two fame for everyone~
Jirachi Nov 19 - Hotaru: crisis12, deathgame24
Jirachi Nov 19 - Renako: stardrops106, thanatos06
Nov 19 New Decks: kanto109, kanto209, kanto309, kanto409, clover09, maigo109, maigo209

thank you!
by Kairi @ 05 Dec 2015 02:12 pm
am not late, just passing through

New Decks (11/19): kanto102, kanto203, kanto302, kanto402, repeat107, repeat201, clover14
Wishes (Ajisaitea 11/19): shiru11
Wishes (Eon 11/19): 2 fame
Wishes (Hotaru 11/19): mayonaka05 (yellow), voidgenome22 (blue)
Wishes (Renako 11/19): sos06, ab06

thank you!
by Cami @ 06 Dec 2015 12:17 am
New Decks: clover09 (7/7)
by Reno @ 09 Dec 2015 12:06 pm
- New Decks 11/19: kanto101, kanto201, kanto301, kanto401, clover01, maigo101
- Wishes 11/19: 2 fame; aberration06, adonis06; justice11; keyblade23, justice25
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