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time flies!

17 Dec 2015
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RAWR time is going so fast! Every time I blink, another week has passed!

hiatus info!
Okay, I finally have a bit more information about the upcoming hiatus.

- Academy will be on semi-hiatus for all of January.
- Biweekly games MAY NOT UPDATE on Dec 31. I need to test something to be sure. :3
- Weekly and monthly games will be available. Biweekly game sets will NOT.
- Forum services (autograph books, patrons) and games (card swap, group collect) will carry on as usual.
- There will be a holiday event starting next week that will remain active until the end of January.
- Deck donation limits will be doubled! (6 max, or 8 if you have the +2 patron)
- I will not be releasing any new decks in January.
- A special mini mastery catchup activity will be available - all members will have the opportunity to complete any 2015 mini masteries that they missed, even ones from months before they joined! This will be the ONLY chance to obtain any missing mini masteries, so don't miss it. :3

And possibly more stuff, but this is what I know for sure right now. I guess it's more like the biweekly games will be on hiatus and there will be other stuff to make up for it. I dunno if that really counts as hiatus or not, haha...

wishes granted!
Still a lot left, but Jirachi can only do so much each week XD

- Crystal: I wish my friend Amber gets alicegame104!
- Eon: I wish for 1 extra release card for everyone from the release!
- Kayori: A Christmas event, something like an Advent Calendar could be an option, but another "hidden objects" event would make it more of a challenge. :D
- Kira: It's the Christmas season, so I wish for a Christmas event/game!
- Samichan: December 20th is my birthday, so how about choice cards for 12 and 20?
- Suuhime: Three cards with letters from "BDAY" since it's my birthday this month.

So that's FIVE choice cards - 12, 20, and your choice of any THREE letters from BDAY! And Amber also gets alicegame104. :D

Please follow the guidelines as noted and remember that EACH of your choice cards must be from a different deck.

And I'll work on a small holiday event. It won't be up until next week, though, but I'll keep it available during the January hiatus so everyone will get a chance to play it. :D

- Weekly games are updated!
- Biweekly set TWO is updated!
- The card swap has been refreshed with all new cards!
- The first Odd Job is available on the forum!

PS: This Odd Job will be available every month unless I note otherwise, so feel free to contribute again!

Smallish deck release today. :3
Thanks to Eon's wish, you can take ONE MORE CARD than noted below! :D

grey star members: Take TWO cards.
blue star members: Take THREE cards.
green star members: Take FOUR cards.
pink star members: Take FIVE cards.

Each card must be from a different deck. If you donated a deck, you may take one extra card from it. Please comment with what you are taking. :3

Make deals for your deck pulls HERE if you like! :D

by LiCobra @ 17 Dec 2015 11:32 am
Jirachi's Wishes: resonance12, kanto220, ambition103, heavenandearth01, pact25

New Decks: flowertown01, bamboo13, diplomat101

Holiday event sounds like fun! I can't wait to see what it is O:
by Samichan @ 17 Dec 2015 12:58 pm
Jirachis Wishes: magi112, hunterexam20, bahamut222, dungeon08, titans15, yumeno101

Deck Release: bamboo04, sweepers22, alchemy02, dance14, diplomat115, diplomat221

Patron Extras: bamboo23, bamboo19
by Crystal @ 17 Dec 2015 01:10 pm
Thank you for granting my wish!

Eon's wish: bamboo01
Samichan's wish: alicegame120, alicegame212
Suuhime's wish: butler219, dokidoki10, amaterasu24

New decks: alchemy01, diplomat101
by Amber @ 18 Dec 2015 03:36 am
Wow, in some ways it sounds like January will be even busier than usual. I had a lot of fun during the Halloween event, so I can't wait to see what's in store for the holiday one. :)

Crystal: alicegame104 omg thanks!! ;;
Samichan (12, 20): suplex12, mayonaka20
Suuhime (BDAY): blancetnoir07, darkhour101, darkhour201, lily101

New Decks:
alchemy06, bamboo13,

Thank you!
by Amber @ 18 Dec 2015 03:41 am


Meant to put dance19 in my new decks pull there for Eon's wish, but I'm lame and apparently just spaced out after the comma. Sorry for the comment spam!
by Mimi @ 18 Dec 2015 06:07 am
Wishes: butler212, etoile20, butler108, darkhour120, alicegame107

New decks: bamboo01, diplomat101, flowertown01

Thank you! ♥
by Suuhime @ 18 Dec 2015 07:26 am
Wishes: (Samichan) muse12, voidgenome20, (Suuhime) aberration22, falling04, girlinthesky25

New decks: diplomat101, diplomat201
by neenee @ 18 Dec 2015 02:59 pm
aww, a hiatus? :C well, take care!

wish (eon): flowertown01
wish (samichan): thevirgin20, highschool112
wish (suuhime): windrider01, planeptune202, crystal01
new decks: bamboo01, sweepers01, diplomat101, diplomat201wish (eon): flowertown01
wish (samichan): thevirgin20, highschool112
wish (suuhime): windrider01, planeptune202, crystal01
new decks: bamboo01, sweepers01, diplomat101, diplomat201

thank you for the cards!
by Kaz @ 18 Dec 2015 08:23 pm
Thanks for the update!
New Decks: alchemy10, bamboo20, diplomat120, diplomat210, flowertown15, sweepers20 (extra)
Wishes: clow112, hitsuzen220, (BDY) rebellion05, dragons03, hydeland221
by Misyu @ 18 Dec 2015 09:24 pm
Eon: sweepers02
Samichan: 12 and 20: chicago12, crystal20
Suuhime: 3 cards BDAY: devil10, madoka18, unspacy18
New decks: bamboo06, sweepers01, alchemy01
by Eon @ 19 Dec 2015 04:42 am
12, 20: norn112, repeat220
BDAY: moondreams124, repeat107, mayonaka01

new releases: bamboo01, alchemy03, diplomat19

thank you!
by Eon @ 19 Dec 2015 04:44 am
sorry, should have been repeat108!
by El @ 19 Dec 2015 07:47 am
- Wishes (Samichan): hagoromo12, silvereyed20
- Wishes (suuhime): amBition214, contrAct07, psYpher04
- New Decks (+ Eon's wish): bamboo19, alchemy21, sweepers04, dance05

Thanks! :D
by Renako @ 19 Dec 2015 09:31 am
Wishes: hitsuzen112, gaisokyu120 | darkhour214, titans17, onmyouji215 (BDAY)
New Decks: bamboo16, sweepers15, alchemy22, dance23, flowertown09, diplomat115

Thanks for the update! :D
by Deanna @ 19 Dec 2015 12:04 pm
- New Decks (+1 extra per Eon's wish): flowertown17, bamboo19, alchemy11, diplomat105
- Wish (BDAY, picked letters DAY): goldenwitch08, fairytales13, jellyfish11
- Wish (Samichan): crystal12, prism20

Thank you! :)
by Woody @ 19 Dec 2015 06:18 pm
New Decks: diplomat106, alchemy06, flowertown06, bamboo02, bamboo03, sweepers03, sweepers05
Wish (Samichan): neotokyo12, shikonjewel220
Wish (BDA): B:battledoll14, D:deathlines06, A: kanto119

thank you!
by melissa @ 20 Dec 2015 12:20 pm
I'm so excited for the opportunity to get mini masteries we've missed!! thank you!! <333

(dec 17) Jirachi - Eon: dance04
(dec 17) Jirachi - Samichan: 12 - curious12, 20 - shoujo20
(dec 17) Jirachi - Suuhime: B - battledoll21, A - eternal24, Y - pastry07
New Decks: bamboo24, alchemy04, diplomat113, diplomat210, diplomat309
by Mirai @ 20 Dec 2015 01:02 pm
Update freebies: bamboo06, diplomat109, diplomat221, sweepers20, alchemy24, flowertown04
Wish freebies: flowers12, hitsuzen120 / bladechildren17, captivehearts11, royalguard08

thank you! looking forward to the event C:
by Marfisa @ 20 Dec 2015 06:05 pm
I took these, thanks!

- Wishes: mimic12, bellone220, mvpBattle220, gArakuta15, tYrant06
- Updates: bamboo01, alchemy02, dance03, diplomat104, diplomat205, flowertown06
by Jun @ 22 Dec 2015 06:40 pm
This going to be good, cause something tells i might not submit my mini this month lol just so busy, but everyone gets a relaxie moment and catch up!

Update: bamboo17, sweepers22, alchemy14, diplomat213, diplomat112,
Wish: flowertown23, voice12, hunterexam20 (1220), keyblade22, akademeia24, vongola07, psypher01 (BDAY)
by Lex @ 22 Dec 2015 10:46 pm
New Decks: bamboo08, sweepers16, alchemy23, dance12, flowertown03
Wish (Eon): diplomat107
Wish (Samichan): jellyfish20, ruckus212
Wish (Suuhime): darkhour209, happiness01, nonary15

by fin @ 23 Dec 2015 11:27 am
Wishes (Samichan): johto312, johto220
Wishes (Wuuhime): ouroboros02, landmark21, keyblade02
New Decks: bamboo15, alchemy12, flowertown09

thank you!
by Kristi @ 24 Dec 2015 07:00 am
Took alchemy14, dance17.

Wishes: flowertown15; crusnik212, shikonjewel220; energynede03, eorzea115, aya02. Thank you ^.^
by Nejana @ 24 Dec 2015 10:33 am
Wishes: cephiro112, astraeahill20, kaiden02, pampuru02, pastry03
New Decks: bamboo01, sweepers01, alchemy01, dance01, flowertown0

by Cami @ 25 Dec 2015 01:25 pm
Wish (Samichan): akaneiro112, akaneiro220
Wish (Suuhime): ambition111, serenade11, repeat108

New Decks: sweepers11, alchemy14, dance11, diplomat110, diplomat206
Wish (Eon): flowertown12
by Jannet @ 28 Dec 2015 10:00 pm
New Decks (+Eon's wish): alchemy11, dance19, diplomat113, diplomat216, flowertown21
Wish (Samichan): (12) demonking112, (20) sixstars20
Wish (Suuhime): (B) butler116, (D) demonking214, (A) checkmate14

Thank you ~
by Kairi @ 09 Jan 2016 05:29 pm
New Decks: bamboo21, alchemy25, sweepers06, dance22, flowertown10

Wishes (Eon): diplomat119
Wishes (Samichan): reaching112, voidgenome20
Wishes (Suuhime): stardrops221 (D), reaching209 (A), mayonaka16 (Y)

Thank you~
by todoke @ 18 Feb 2016 05:50 pm

Wish (Samichan): nightmare212, highjump220
Wish (Suuhime): hostclub102, fashion24, deathscythe01
New Decks: flowertown08, diplomat202, diplomat115, dance04, alchemy18
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