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*limps in from the snowpocalypse*

26 Jan 2016
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So visiting NJ the weekend of the snowstorm from hell wasn't really a good idea. But hey, it was still nice and my brother got married safely (a day late, thanks snow, haha) and I made it back home in one piece. Even though the flight was delayed by SEVEN HOURS without any notification until AFTER we got to the airport. *dead*

Okay, forget the whining, how about an update? :D

event time!
Yessssss the winter event is finally live! It doesn't really have anything to do with winter, but eh. XD

The link is in the sidebar *points* so be sure to check it out and ask any questions you have! I created a forum topic for questions so please post them all there, and check there to see if your question has already been answered before asking a new one, please. :3

forum stuff & forms!
I JUST got home from snow hell, so give me a few days to catch up on forum replies, etc. I owe member cards to Lala and Kari and I have a bunch of other custom goodies to create, but I won't be doing any of that until tomorrow at the very soonest. :3

wishes granted!
Jirachi is here to help make up for me being dead. :D

- Amber: I wish we could take freebies twice in one week!
- Hotaru: I wish for everyone to catch 'em all and take a choice card from a Pokemon deck.
- Samichan: I wish for cards spelling out BREAK because I'm happy Rahenna is getting a break finally!

So play freebies twice this week (or once more if you've already played), get yourself a Pokemon card, and take five cards spelling BREAK! Please remember that EACH of your choice cards must be from a different deck. :3


That's it for me today... time to crash, haha. :D

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