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lots of cards!

19 Nov 2015
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Okay, here's the update! Kind of quick for now... I'll be replying to forum stuff later on today. Gotta get my Nano wordcount in first. :3

wishes granted!
I still have a lot so Jirachi was generous again!

- Ajisaitea: I wish for a choice #11 card for the month of November.
- Eon: I wish for two fame for everyone~
- Hotaru: Hotaru: I'm going to study abroad in Sweden for a semester, so I'd like everyone to take a blue card and a yellow card (colors of the Swedish flag).
- Renako: I wish for two 06 cards to celebrate TA's 6 months of being open!
- Styx: I wish for one of the Pokemon Kanto sets to be released!

So please take 2 Fame, plus two 06 cards, one 11 card, one blue card, and one yellow card! And I've released all four Kanto sets. :D

- Weekly games are updated!
- Biweekly set TWO is updated!
- Jigsaw has been replaced with Novel-ty Game, a trivia game about visual novels. :p
- The first Odd Job is available on the forum!

PS: This Odd Job will be available every month unless I note otherwise, so feel free to contribute again!

card fixes!
Fixed some more duplicates... sorry XD

Another big deck release! Thanks to all the donators and to my card helpers! :D

grey star members: Take FOUR cards.
blue star members: Take FIVE cards.
green star members: Take SIX cards.
pink star members: Take SEVEN cards.

Each card must be from a different deck. If you donated a deck, you may take one extra card from it. Please comment with what you are taking. :3

Make deals for your deck pulls HERE if you like! :D

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