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sleepy Thursday

08 Oct 2015
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Hi everyone! This is a short update... no cards right now, but there have been some good claims on the forum so I hope to have more soon! Either way, I'll have something new for next time! :3

Is anyone else sick? I've had a stupid low-grade cold for about a week now and it keeps coming back... Marfisa took a day off work and felt better, then went back and had to meet with someone who brought their sick kid to work (whyyyyy) and now she's sick again and so am I... ugh!

wishes granted!
Jirachi doesn't have a cold. :p

- El: My dog passed away today, October 8. I wish for everyone to take a card for every letter that spells his name, RAJAH.
- Hotaru: I wish for everyone to get one choice card from their current art challenge!
- Renako: I wish for an art challenge patron power!

El, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog... pets are precious members of our families and losing them is so hard. :( Everyone, please pet your cat/dog/bird/fish/lizard today and let them know you love them!

You can also grab one card from a current art challenge. And I'll work on developing a new patron power having to do with art challenges!

Please remember to comment. :3

games & reminders!
- Weekly games are updated!
- Biweekly set TWO is updated!
- Donation limits are reset for October! :D
- Don't forget your monthly star rank pay!
- The first Odd Job is available on the forum!

I know I still need to replace jigsaw with something else. How would everyone feel about an additional puzzle game? Or are there too many puzzles already? I want to think of something creative but my brain is fried today... stupid cold. :x

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