staff pay

Paychecks and stuff! Please take only once per pay period as outlined below. :3

forum staff

Staff is paid for the amount of activity that they handle instead of on a weekly basis. This way, the rewards adjust for how much activity is actually happening, so if things are really busy, the pay is higher. :3

card swap manager

staffed by: Renako, Gosia
gets paid: one card per every swap processed!

Staff Pay (card swap): carnelian108, mvpbattle206, dokidoki02, redhair06, god24

group collect manager

staffed by: Lethe, Mousey
gets paid: one card per every donation processed!

Staff Pay (group collect): fourdragons18, undine224, stormriders04, prism24, bahamut222

art challenge manager

staffed by: Natsu
gets paid: one card per every post!

Staff Pay (art challenges): bahamut216, hayagami13, planets16, memoryofjade224, parasite204

deck creation

staffed by: Ajisaitea, Samichan, Woody
gets paid: four cards per deck, bonus of one coupon for every three decks made (please take the coupon when appropriate)

Staff Pay (deck creation): kanzenban25, rainbownotes07, onevoice25, firstlove17

co-owner & coder

staffed by: Marfisa
gets paid: once per week

Staff Pay (Marfisa): rain13, unwound12, sonsofsatan04, foodwars09, nuhe25

for rahenna only

Since there's six biweekly games in each set that I can't play (they're password games and obviously I know the passwords!), I'm giving myself six cards and one coupon weekly. I'm also paying myself for making decks and creating the custom cards/badges that players will earn. I think this is pretty fair and it makes more sense than just replacing all the game rewards I can't earn. Instead, I have to do some work if I want to get paid! :D

weekly update

Staff Pay (Rahenna): magicviolin10, furies120, kazuaki117, tiger12, alchemist11, kanzenban10, 1 coupon

deck creation (every five decks)

Deck Creation (x5): silvereyed08, stepbrothers111, kaiden223, glasses16, innocent02, tinkerbell308, dungeon19, mayonaka05, flowertown21, keigarou21, 1 coupon

custom card/badge creation

Custom Items: kanto414, rebound219, dragonkings21, sixthsense07, traceon202, lovers08, classmates08
(only one card per custom item made, but I tend to make these in batches :p)