Many thanks to the following sites and people for helping to make THIS site possible!

Game or Idea Credit to Link
entire TCG concept Calico - Senshi Card Mania x
card/member/game management systems Marfisa - In the Cards www
lotto, war, slots, randomizer scripts Marfisa - In the Cards www
time-based ranks (instead of prejoin) Rahenna - Trading Academy www
puzzle script Myubi www
use of password gates Mousey - Animelicious x
inspiration for patrons, art challenge Rin - Fictional x
currency/coupons Superdoe - The Last Unicorn x
icons on games Icera - So Magical www
lucky match, war game ideas Sepia - Genki Beam! x
puzzle game idea Bunny - Manga Moon Cards x
news management Cutenews www
forum phpBB www
email forms Jem's Mail Form www
images: Ai no Senshi - Creative Uncut - Minitokyo - Vampire Killer - Zerochan
...and member donations from various sources!

original ideas

I've dreamed up a lot of different things since I started running TCGs in January 2005. I know it seems like no one actually invented the basic things that are used in almost every TCG today, like using databases for members/games/cards, and card names displaying below the images of cards when you win games. Ideas do come from somewhere, and a lot of ideas came from my brain over the years.

Now, as to whether or not I "invented" something first... eh. I'm not going to claim that I was the FIRST PERSON EVERRR!!!!11two to come up with any particular thing. All I can assert is that I've always been trying lots of different things to make my TCGs easy and fun to play. I'll continue doing that, and when those things are inspired by ideas or fun activities I've encountered elsewhere, they'll be put in that list above. *points*

Please note!
It's quite possible that people had the same ideas at the same time. I wholeheartedly believe that it's very possible (and likely) for multiple people to have the same good idea independently of each other. So if my credits are wrong or I need to add more information, feel free to contact me about it!

Fun fact: when it happens in science, it's called multiple discovery!